AI Enabled Business Marketing Platform

Benefit from an artificial intelligence marketing platform that uses proven marketing campaigns to generate new customers from organic, paid, and social media marketing.  Our dashboard will track and report on everything so that you can be sure you’re getting the best return on your investment.

Our AI platform includes:

  • Reputation Builder

    Increase positive reviews automatically

  • Social Media Campaigns

    Engage with your customers in their social circle

  • Keyword Explorer

    Improves your website’s visibility

  • Social Media Content Library

    Get access to over 2,500 curated social media resources

  • Search Engine Ranking Tracking

    Measure your website’s performance in Google

  • Website Analytics

    Real-time website performance metrics

  • Paid Ads

    Markets your business on paid platforms I.e., Google, Instagram, Facebook etc.

  • Search Engine Optimized Website

    AI driven optimization (structed data, twitter cards etc.)

Expert Marketers

We automate as much as possible but sometimes you just need a team of experts. Every client will be assigned a client success coordinator. Your coordinator will help bring your vision to life and work with our designers, developers, SEO experts, Social Media Experts, and Paid Ads Experts to deliver fresh customers to your business each month. They will meet with you or your team monthly to review progress and plan for the coming month.

HIPAA & Accessibility Compliant Small Business Websites

Become compliant with the newest standards including the Health Information & Privacy Accountability Act and the WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and other worldwide legislation.

How are our websites the best in the industry?

  • Payments:

    Text-2-Pay, Membership Plans, Payment Plans, Soft Credit Checks

  • Secure Forms

    Go paperless! Customers call fill out paperwork before their appointment

  • Accessibility

    Making web accessibility simple, automatic, immediate and affordable

  • Website Chat

    Turn website visitors into customers

  • SSL Security & Encryption

    Encrypt website data while being transferred and at rest, per HIPAA

  • Call Tracking & Recording

    Track which marketing is working

  • Role-Based Security

    Grant or restrict access based on job function, per HIPAA

  • Two-Way Texting

    Make it easy for your customers to communicate with your business

  • Email Marketing

    Engage with customers through email

  • Reputation Management

    Filter bad reviews and encourage good ones to review you

  • Custom Business Videos

    Engage with customers through multimedia

Compared to other small business marketing companies we bring a higher return on your investment and a personal, “call-us-anytime” approach that means you can turn your focus back to what you love.

Can Small Business Marketers Be Your Best Friend?

YES! Talk to some of the Small Business Owners we serve and you’ll see why! We listen, we’re always available, and we keep you busy with new business while also helping reduce your work load of time-killing tasks.

Our Small Business Case Studies

Taylor & Sons Chevrolet's Google Ads recently brought them 1,200 impressions and 18 phone calls. 

This improved their new website visitors to 1,751.

That’s a


increase in new visitor traffic!

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Since Kuma Stoves joined Market Igniter, their page one rankings have increased to 41 rankings.

We increased their monthly visitors by

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CDA Dental Center had 12 page one rankings when they joined. Our efforts brought them up to 27 page one rankings.

We took their average monthly website visitors from 267 to 837!

That’s a


increase in traffic!

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Small Business Marketers That Think Ahead for You

Many small business marketing companies offer a one-size fits all approach. Top marketing companies can help their clients get new business, but the BEST small business marketing companies are always learning and testing new technologies, so they can keep you a step ahead. Google is constantly updating its search engine algorithm and your marketing business needs to stay on top of these updates.

Our foundation is built on getting you the most out of your marketing investment. However, we’re always building on that foundation, learning and passing the best on to our clients.

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