Two-Way Texting

SMS Texting for Your Small Business

Would you like to be able to text your customers without using your personal number? Now you can have a single number assigned to your practice that is used to communicate with customers. You can setup text message templates such as company review requests, and track conversations all in one place. Our system will keep a history of texts and allow you to refer to them at any time.

Our Proprietary Two-Way SMS Texting Software allows you to text back and forth with your customers without the need to use your own personal cell phone. Your business number can be used on any computer to communicate with your customers when it is convenient for them and you. Our software allows you the ability to setup text message templates that can be modified quickly and easily, it also has a built-in tracking and history system that will allow you to quickly see who has been communicating with your business.

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Text Messaging

Get More Positive
Reviews via Text

Easily text your customers to give them a direct link to your Google, Yelp, or Facebook accounts to increase your reviews exponentially!

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