Innovative payment solutions for your business. Our complete solution includes Membership Plans, Payment Plans, and Text-2-Pay (Bill Pay) Software.

Payments™ is an easy to use cloud-based payment platform for small business owners. We make it easy for you to build recurring revenue streams to your business by offering membership plans, payment plans, and online bill pay, to your customers. Easily setup, automate, and manage membership plans.  Offer payment plans to credit worthy customers, while virtually eliminating the risk on in-house financing with our patented Credit Assessment Tool.  Top things off by offering text-2-pay and online bill pay, which makes it easy for your customers to pay your business, anytime, from anywhere. Once the automated system is setup, it virtually runs itself. Your staff will love it!

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Membership Plans

Build your business's recurring revenue and help people get the care they need.

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Payment Plans

Increase case acceptance by offering payment plans to your best well qualified customers.

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Online Bill Pay

Reduce unnecessary calls and delinquencies by texting or emailing bill pay links to customers.

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Payments™ Membership Plans

Many small business owners are finding that by offering membership plans, they can easily build a consistent revenue stream and increase customer loyalty.  The Payments™ Membership Plan software makes it easy to setup, manage, and automate membership plan payments.  Our advanced cloud-based software and experts make starting and running a membership plan a breeze.

Dental Membership Plans

Payments™ Payment Plans

Offering an in-house financing solution increases customer loyalty and business revenue.  And it doesn't have to be risky.  With our proprietary Health Credit Assessment tool, you can easily decide who is a good candidate for a payment plan, based on credit worthiness.  You are in control of the length of the term, down payment required, and what type of payment plans you offer your customers.  If you don't have 100% case acceptance you should consider offering payment plans.  You will love our payment slider, which makes it easy for customers to visualize how much the payment will be.  They can even text it to a spouse on the spot to get their feedback or text it to themselves to review later once they'e left your business.  Of course when they're ready, they simply sign up online.  Our advanced solution automates the process of collecting payments and makes it easy for managers to track everything.

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Payments™ Online Bill Pay

Market Igniter Bill Pay allows your customers to pay for your services right from your the website. The can simply visit in order to make a payment. This can be done from any device including mobile devices.

Online Bill Pay for Dentists

With full integration into every site, Bill Pay builds customer confidence and maintains branding without the need of third part plugins or buttons. Market Igniter allows you to collect payments without storing credit card information in your database. This mean your customers have the convenience of re-using payment methods with a high-level of security. Get the best bill pay experience in design and function with our integrated Bill Pay solution.

  • On Site and Email: Bill Pay is everywhere you want it. Send email invoices that link to bill pay and have the easy to access payment portal directly on your website. Take payments instantly and never worry about a lost check.
  • Customer Login and Tokenization: Market Igniter bill pay can allow customers to store their own login information for faster payments. Through our custom portal, tokenization, and enhanced security features, customers enjoy bank level security while you rest easy.
  • Fully integrated: You have a professional business and you require a professional solution. Market Igniter Bill Pay functions as a part of your website, maintaining branding and continuity. Build confidence in your brand by offering a fully integrated solution. Don't send users to a third-party website to make a payment.
  • Merchant Services: Using Market Igniter bill pay requires a merchant account. Sign up for Merchant Services today to receive low rates and the ability to accept credit card payments online and in your office.
  • Security: Nothing is more important than keeping your customer information secure, especially when it comes to payments. We maintain PCI compliance on your site so you can enjoy the benefits of additional security without all of the stress.

Payments™ Credit Assessments

The Credit Assessment tool is a convenient way to assess a customer's credit worthiness. This innovative tool allows office staff to determine which customers are eligible for a payment plan or other payment options.  Based on the results of each assessment, you may be able to offer additional payment options to customers which will increase revenue.

Based on the Credit Assessment and internal policies, you can decide what the terms of each payment plan will be.  Our solution gives you the flexibility to set a minimum down as well as maximum term for repayment.  For well qualified customers, you can offer longer terms and less down. You decide what is best for your business. 

The Credit Assessment Tool is simple to use and you only pay for what you use. Schedule a demo today to see how it takes the guesswork and risk out of in-house financing.

Payments™ by Market Igniter

Payments™ is part of the Market Igniter productivity platform.  This means that you can be up and running in no time and have access to all the great productivity solutions available from Market Igniter.  In order to get the most out our software solution, Market Igniter also offers a complete marketing system along with our cloud-based productivity apps.  As a full-service marketing company, we generate a steady stream of new customers and provide HIPAA compliant, secure productivity apps.  By choosing Market Igniter, your payment pages will be on your domain name and your payment management and analytics appear right on your website dashboard. In addition, when your staff sends texts and email links, with payment options to customers, they will link to your own domain (your website URL not open a new window to a third-part provider). The email confirmations are sent as if from your office and are branded with your brand.  This providers the most seamless experience for customers making payments directly to your business.

Marketing Services Offered by Market Igniter:

  • Reputation Builder

    Increase positive reviews automatically

  • Social Media Campaigns

    Engage with your customers in their social circle

  • Keyword Explorer

    Improves your website’s visibility

  • Social Media Content Library

    Get access to over 2,500 curated social media resources

  • Search Engine Ranking Tracking

    Measure your website’s performance in Google

  • Website Analytics

    Real-time website performance metrics

  • Paid Ads

    Markets your business on paid platforms I.e., Google, Instagram, Facebook etc.

  • Search Engine Optimized Website

    AI driven optimization (structed data, twitter cards etc.)

Compared to other small business marketing companies we bring a higher return on your investment and a personal, “call-us-anytime” approach that means you can turn your focus back to what you love.

Best Dental Marketing System

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