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All small business marketing consultants should keep you a step ahead of developing marketing technologies and opportunities.

What Results Can Small Business Marketing
Consultants Provide?

Small business consultants are generalists in all aspects of managing a small business, like finances, hiring and operations. A small business marketing consultant is a specialist in marketing, customer relations, and growth. At Market Igniter, many of our most successful clients employ a small business consultant to coach them in the big picture of creating efficiencies in their business while also using our specialty expertise to achieve their long-term growth and marketing goals. A good small business marketing consultant will ensure all marketing activities you invest in move you towards your long term goals. A great small business marketing consultant will prioritize your marketing investments by the ROI or return on investment they will bring based upon your business's current strengths and weaknesses. All marketing consultants should keep you a step ahead of developing marketing technologies and opportunities.

Superior, customer service! I am so glad that I made the decision to make Market Igniter part of my team. They offer creative ideas that fit my personality and goals.

- Jonathan S.

We optimize your results to reach short-term objectives.

Once our marketing consultants know your business's long-term goals they will evaluate your current marketing situation and begin optimizing your current marketing methods or propose new marketing methods that will likely outperform them. We benchmark your current results and insure that methods are in place to measure future results. Our marketing consultant will discuss your team’s expectations and provide insights and data that will help you more closely project the results you might expect. Once a plan has been established and the best mix of marketing methods selected then our team will set short term objectives to reach and report regularly on progress at a level of detail and regularity to fits your desired level of involvement.

We focus you on your long-term marketing goals .

Why did you go into the field you are in? What did you want to accomplish when you opened business? Your long-term goals should provide direction, prioritization and motivation for all your short-term marketing objectives. Our small business marketing consultants will help you discover and document your long-term business goals, and will refer to them often in selecting marketing activities and evaluating success. Our marketing consultant’s goal is to always look for the next step in getting you to your long-term goals.

How to Choose the Right Small Business
Marketing Consultants or Agency

The process is similar to choosing a small business consultant or agency. Look at the process a small business marketing consultant will use, and ask yourself if you are committed to implementing that process to reach your goals. Look at a potential partner’s past results with clients similar to yours. Finally, discuss your expectations with the potential marketing consultants and ask how realistic they are. An ideal marketing consultant will ask good questions, understand your type of business and have a clear plan to get you to your long-term goals with measurable short term objectives along the way that provide proof of success and match your expectations.

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