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The beauty of the Market Igniter platform is integration. We have everything that you need is in one, easy to use place, and email marketing is no exception. No need to export your customer list to another provider and manage two databases. Create informational and promotional emails quickly with our easy to use editor. Even track your results and ROI to improve customer relations and your bottom line. With the Market Igniter platform, you really can do it all.

Start for free, pay for what you need

Whether you send out 10 emails or 10,000 emails, with the Market Igniter platform you have options. Start with free email to start, then pay for what you need with many affordable options as you continue to grow.

Invoice and Bill Pay

With our standardized email templates, you can easily send invoices and client updates at any time. Each email can include Market Igniter Bill Pay integration, to make it easy and convenient for you to collect payments at any time.

Tracking and measuring

Tracking email marketing is easier and more detailed than other forms of advertising. From open rates to click through rates, track your email marketing success to refine your message and get more new patients.


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