Role-Based Security

Keep your website organized and secure.

Keep Your Website Management Simple and Organized

A good website has a lot of moving parts that can get complicated to manage when you have a big team that work with different parts of the website. To help make things simple and organized Market Igniter utilizes role-based security to make help you manage your website efficiently.

With role-based security you are able to assign different team members roles that will give them access only to the resources they need to have access to. This is great to help team members not get overwhelmed or confused when they log into your website. This also helps prevent something on the website from accidently being changed.

Keep Your Website Secure

At Market Igniter, keeping your website secure is one of our highest priorities. We do this by using SSL security encryption and role-based security. With role-based security no one can log into your website and have access to the backend of your website without your permission. You will also be able to assign roles to team members and know who has access to what for your website. With this system it is very easy to assign and remove team member’s access to your website.

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