Marketing for Dentists

Marketing for Dentists

We understand that as a dentist, you have a lot on your plate.  While your time is best utilized working directly with patients, you have to run your practice at the same time.  From managing and training staff, payroll, billing, research and ordering equipment and supplies, your days can fill up fast and that doesn't include the time necessary to attract new patients to your practice!  At Market Igniter, we provide online dental marketing so your website can be found, patient confidence can be built, a consistent flow of new patients is realized and ultimately you can practice the way you want.  We take care of the marketing, so you can take care of your patients. 

Finding Your Practice Online

Online business directories serve two purposes for your practice; first off, they allow those who use them to find you. Secondly, they help establish credibility for both your potential patients and the search engines. There are literally hundreds of directories that may list your business online, from the big names including Yellow Pages, Facebook, and HealthGrades to lesser known directories like Acxiom, Localeze, and Infogroup.  If your business information is not consistent across these directories with your practice name, address and phone number, it is more challenging for patients to find your practice.  Making sure that your practice information is correct, also builds trust in search engines and helps you to rank better in local searches.  We help you by managing your listings and make it our number one priority to keep your information consistent across the internet for each location that you have.  Paying close attention to these details allows us to significantly improve your ability to be found online.  

Online Reviews And Reputation Management

Positive online reviews are one of the key factors patients rely on when selecting a dental provider.  In fact, a 2014 study concluded that the number of patients who use online reviews to choose a physician has increased by 68%.  In fact, the same study demonstrated that positive reviews are nearly as important as being an in-network provider, with 44%  saying they would consider going to an out-of-network provider if their reviews were better than in-network providers. Unfortunately, reviews don't automatically appear simply because you have done a good job, you have to actively pursue them.  We provide opportunities for your patients leave feedback for your dental website, solicit great online reviews from satisfied patients, and help you find and respond to reviews about your practice.  Make sure your 5 star efforts are reflected in your reviews!

Locally Targeted Paid Advertising

When it comes to dental providers, most people have options.  Paid advertising is a great way to get in front of potential patients and be seen, and online advertising gives you many options.  With paid online advertising, you control how much you want to spend, from daily limits to how much you spend for each click.  And, with geo-targeting, you can decide who will see your ads based on their location.  Furthermore, with focused advertising you ensure that the desired patients are being targeted, in the right areas, at the lowest cost possible.  At Market Igniter, we provide advertising for Google, Bing, Facebook, and more.  We manage the creation, deploying, testing, and monitoring of all PPC advertising, making sure you show up in the right places to the right people.

Connect To Your Patients With Social Media

Social media for business is more than just sharing promotions and giveaways (although those are great opportunities)  Social Media allows you to connect with your patients in a way that is more direct and personal.  We understand social media can be challenging to manage and it may be a part of your practice that gets neglected.  However, we provide social media management and optimization that ensures you have a positive image online which in turn actively promotes your company.  We provide a social audit and consultation, as well as a content calendar to make sure your social marketing has purpose and follow up. We provide posts and updates for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as blogs and other forms of social media.  We will continually monitor and update your accounts, as well as assist you in responding to patients questions and concerns. Make sure you get found where your patients are looking with our social media optimization.

Experienced Professionals At Affordable Rates

Doing all of this work takes time, research, and knowledge of various tools used for online marketing.  Your time is valuable, and to make more money, you need to focus on what you do best. As professional, experienced marketers, Market Igniter takes care of your marketing so you can take care of your practice.Contact us for a free consultation. 


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