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SEO is the work that makes it more likely that your business's website will be easily found on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Local Businesses

SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of making your website show up in search results on websites like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing without paid advertising.  It's no secret that online search is continuing to grow every day.  With more and more devices doing more and more searches, it is crucial that your website is optimized for search.  We provide SEO and local search optimization to make sure you target the correct audience, get more traffic, and ultimately get more customers.

Holistic SEO

The only constant in SEO is change. To ensure your website is not penalized for using "black hat", or questionable SEO practices that are only temporary, we optimize your site from the ground up using a holistic approach.  This approach includes keyword research and analysis, on site optimization, competitive analysis, and link building. We also look at the larger picture and where the internet is moving, taking into consideration site load speed, internal linking, social media content and strategy, as well as PR and the user experience.  All of these factors lead to long term results that become more powerful as you grow your business.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial in online marketing. Knowing which keywords to use to market your business is an ongoing process in SEO. Focusing on your services, we find the words and phrases that bring new customers to your website. This research provides the foundation for all search marketing and helps driving advertising and content creation on your site and social media.

Website Optimization

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and website optimization is more than just adding keywords to your site. Search engines now look at other factors, like how your site is organized and structured, or how long it takes a page to load. Google has well over 200 factors that determine placement in it's results.  Everything from your domain name to placement of words on the page and page structure effect on-site SEO. We use industry best practices together with our experience in web development and SEO to make sure search engines are crawling and indexing your site properly, for maximum placement in search engine result pages. This ensures that when someone searches for something like "dentist near me", "lawyer near me", or "your phrase", you are one of the top results.

Competition Analysis

Do you know who is your competition and what they are doing to get new customers? We will analyze your top competitors and use our tools to monitor their activity. We'll help your business stay ahead of the competition by being proactive and constantly improving your site. We will help you to stay one step ahead of the competition.  We can also find out what your competitors, online advertising campaigns are, and which of their pages show up on the front page of search results. This helps you make strategic decisions about how to be effective in your marketing campaigns.

Local SEO for small businesses is strongly influenced by how close the searcher is to the physical location of your business as well as your reviews and ratings, how fast your website loads, the keywords used and a few other factors.

Dental SEO

The whole truth about local SEO for small businesses

Local SEO for Small Businesses is often promoted as the solution. Let’s go over what Local SEO for small businesses is and how it relates to SEO in general. While SEO encompasses any part of the results you might find on a search engine, Local SEO only means the 3 results located right below a map. Thus Local SEO is only one part of search results, not the whole. Local SEO for small businesses is a very important factor, especially for those on a mobile device, but it can and should be one facet of your SEO.

Local SEO for small businesses is strongly influenced by how close the searcher is to the physical location of your business as well as your reviews and ratings, how fast your website loads, the keywords used and a few other factors.

The best SEO for small businesses involves multiple factors

So if Local SEO for small businesses isn’t the be-all, end-all of SEO, what is? The best SEO for small businesses involves multiple factors including the ones listed above that effect Local. The best SEO for small businesses always involves great content such as text and images. After all, what’s the good of getting them to click to your website if there is not enough information, unengaging information, or content that just is not very relevant to what they were searching for? The best SEO for small businesses uses memorable content, especially video to both draw customers and convince them to reach out to your business. Other factors such as website security, social media, and links all play a part in building the best SEO for small businesses.

SEO for small businesses made easier

OK, now you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the technical requirements in SEO for small businesses but don’t worry! I’m going to explain how to dial down that anxiety! First, SEO can and should be an ongoing process. It’s not something you need to do all at once. In fact, trying to climb the rankings too quickly can cause you to be blacklisted by the search engines for spam-like tactics. Second if you work with a partner experienced with SEO for small businesses then you don’t need to learn anything new at all. Such a partner will keep you aware of changes in what the search engines value or allow as well as making sure that the new customers finding you on the search engines are the best match for your goals and offerings.

Should Small Business SEO Be Your Top Priority?

In our years of experience in SEO and other means of marketing a small business, we’ve seen the most consistent ROI (return on investment) from SEO. That said, SEO is complex, always changing, and results come slowly. If you have the right expectations, the right partner and patience SEO will always deliver the best results. If your small business is struggling and needs results right now then SEO may be better as a secondary strategy once another method has quickly got you on your feet. Ready to discover what your top marketing priority should be? Click the link below to see in a few easy steps.

Improve Your Small Business SEO in 5 Steps

Small Business SEO is complex, and a specialized expert will bring you the best results in improving it. However, there are a few things you can start doing right away or in conjunction with your expert to improve your results. A few free online tools from Google and SEO software companies can help. Start with your keywords. Keywords are groups of words commonly entered on search engines to find what you provide. Figuring out what potential customers type in a search engine to find you is the best way to start improving your small business SEO!

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Step 0 is only when you are just beginning and have not yet begun your SEO.

Step One

Determine the different keyword variations for your top treatments.

Step Two

Check your rankings for those keywords compared to your competitors.

Step Three

Write more pages on your site about your top, less-competitive keywords.

Step Four

Test your site speed and performance regularly using quality 3rd party tools.

Step Five

Have a web developer implement the recommendations from these tools.

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