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When best implemented social media marketing is meant to be 2 way communication.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

A recent study has shown that over 72% of all internet users are active on some form of social media network.  Making sure you have a presence on social networks that are most appropriate to your business, means you have a higher likelihood of connecting with the right people. Social media isn't just for promoting your business (although it can certainly do that as well), but it provides you an opportunity to connect with customers, answer questions, and ultimately make your business more valuable.  

Company Blogs

Having a company blog on your website means that you have a powerful marketing tool that will help your business grow.  A Blog can help drive traffic to your website, convert that traffic into active leads, establish authority, and ultimately gives you many long term benefits. But blogs can be difficult. It takes time, dedication, and consistency for your blog to be successful. Content also has to be unique and provide something of value for the reader. We help ensure that your blog succeeds at all of these by creating a content calendar and providing a social media audit to make sure that the right content is posted, at the right time for your audience.  

Social Networks

Having a blog is just one part of your social strategy.  One way to make sure that your website and blog get more traffic is to share content on social media.  From Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and the many other social networks, there are a lot of ways you can share your content.  We help you to make sure that you are posting, tweeting, pinning, sharing, and responding to all of your social networks.  Let us help you connect with your customers on social media so you can focus on what you do best.  

Promotions, Events, And More

Promotions, special offers, and online events are great ways to attract new customers and captivate previous ones.  From giveaways, contests, drawings, and fully hosted events, there are endless possibilities.  Social media provides a lot of tools to give you a larger reach and impact on your in-house promotions.  We help manage and market your promotions to help retain your customers and encourage them to refer their friends and family members. 

For those not sure, social media marketing involves using social media websites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as a way to communicate with existing and potential customers for the purpose of increasing customer satisfaction and growing your business. Typically social media marketing involves creating a page on one or more of these social media websites, inviting others to connect with you on those pages and then creating a steady flow of relevant and engaging communications as well as watching for comments, questions, and results. When best implemented social media marketing is meant to be 2 way communication.

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Best practices For small business social media marketing

Here are some simple social media marketing best practices that you can easily implement! First it is better to build only one social media website well, than building several poorly. If you have limited time (which is the case in most small businesses!) then pick one social media site to focus on and spend 6 months to a year to really build it up, then consider adding another.

The second best practice for small business social media marketing is when posting things, quality is better than quantity, but consistency is critical! Typically 2-3 posts per week is sufficient, but if you allow weeks or months to go by between ever really quality posts then it reflects poorly on your business. Only start posting if you are committed to doing the regular work of creating consistent quality posts. It sounds easy, but until you make it a scheduled habit it will be easy to justify putting off a post.

The third best practice for small business social media marketing is to write posts that are intended to draw feedback. Remember, social media is meant to be 2 way communication. Watch regularly which posts get liked or shared or comments. Then determine “why” this post resonated with your customers and do more of those types of posts.

Facebook for small businesses: is it the best place to start?

Facebook is the most well known social media website & app. Is Facebook the best place to start? In most cases the answer is “Yes.” Facebook not only has the largest audience, but it has the best tools for promoting your business as well as a way for delighted customers to leave recommendations and reviews about your business. Facebook is a great way to boost your reputation by inviting your best customers to review you there, and if these reviews will often show up in search engine results alongside their website, further increasing the likelihood that when they are found in search that potential customers will click through to their website. Facebook for small businesses is also often a search engine in and of itself. Many potential customers will often first look you up on Facebook, before going to a search engine!

Should Small Business Social Media Marketing
Be Your Top Priority?

The answer to this important question depends upon where you are in your small business marketing journey and whether you are ready to commit the time necessary to do small business social media marketing right. If your top priority is customer satisfaction over new customer growth, and you have a lot of customers who are really happy with your business then social media marketing can be an inexpensive way to amplify the good feelings of your satisfied customers. Ready to discover what your top marketing priority should be? Click the link below to see if social media marketing or another priority would most benefit your business.

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